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Foxy redhead Lisa De Leeuw, classic hardcore video starlet with natural round breasts and sex-fevered mind

Lisa De Leeuw

Date of birth: July 03, 1958

Bio: Porn Star Lisa De Leeuw was one of the favorite starlets of both fans and critics during her ten year stint in the hardcore world. Lisa De Leeuw was one of the most prolific stars of her era, cranking out scores of red-hot sex performances between 1978 and 1987. Lisa De Leeuw was able to make the transition from the bigger-budget theatrical films of the 70's to the more quickly shot features of the early video boom. Her success in both mediums was due to her well-deserved reputation as one of the most sex-crazed starlets of her day. Lisa De Leeuw was a thick-set, naturally buxom redhead with a flair for acting and a feverish sexual intensity that simmered just below the surface. Lisa De Leeuw looked the part of the fierce sexual conqueror she was, and her full mouth and knowing eyes all contributed to the effect. Lisa De Leeuw had a strong, brassy personality, often coming across as porn's answer to Mae West.

Hailing originally from Moline, Illinois, Lisa De Leeuw started her hardcore career in the late 70's with a number of 'Swedish Erotica' shorts, which thrust her into the bright porn spotlight. Lisa De Leeuw was selective in the roles she took, usually appearing in only high-quality productions. One of the first batch of Vivid Video contract players, Lisa De Leeuw also was signed exclusively to Caballero for a time in the 80's. By 1987, she had done it all in the hardcore world, so she left films behind to concentrate on dancing gigs and her always-popular personal appearance schedule.

Lisa De Leeuw is a member of the X-Rated Critics' Organization's Hall of Fame.

She received the award in 1981 from the Critics' Adult Film Awards for the movie 'Amanda By Night'.

She received the award in 1982 from the Critics' Adult Film Awards for the movie 'Blonde Heat'.

She received the award in 1985 from the Adult Video News for the movie 'Dixie Ray'.

She received the award in 1986 from the Adult Video News for the movie 'Raw Talent'. more info »

Alternate Names: Liza De Leeuw | Lisa De Leewu | Lisa De Luew | Lisa DeLeeue | Lisa DeLeeuw | Lisa DeLeuew | Lisa Deleeuw | Lisa Deleuw | Lil' Redhead | Lisa Trego | Lisa de Leeuw

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